The principle of dry granulator is very simple, it is a kind of equipment that does not need to add water to stir, mix into granule, dry and other intermediate processes directly to process the material from powder to granule.  It can directly make the powder material into the required particles, eliminating the process of wet mixing, extrusion, granulation and drying, and integrating physical extrusion, crushing and granulation in one.  It is a new type of high efficiency pelleting equipment, widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries.  

I. Features:
● Protection of material characteristics: without any binder, the material by mechanical extrusion molding, does not destroy the chemical properties of the material, does not reduce the effective content of the product;
● Granulation uniformity: the pressure wheel is arranged up and down, and the gap is adjustable, which can not only eliminate the influence of gravity on the material, ensure the uniformity of the material before pressing, but also make the density of pressing consistent;
● High efficiency and energy saving: low energy consumption, vacuuming device to make the tablet more dense into high grain rate, small occupation area;
● Wide applicability: mesh, straight, smooth three lines of pressure wheel, matching different characteristics of materials, by adjusting the hydraulic system design particle hardness and density.  

Two, what is the cause of equipment pressure instability?
1, domestic common dry granulator a problem is the pressure is not stable, a factor of the pressure instability is the deformation of the roller of domestic machine roller due to material and processing technology, in use after a period of time, will happen roller deformation, the deformation of the indirect response to the roller’s rotating roller clearance between change,  The change of clearance will inevitably cause the fluctuation of pressure.
2. Another reason for the pressure instability is that the degassing effect is not good, or the machine is not equipped with degassing device at all.  In this case, a considerable part of the air within the particle gap is compressed, causing pressure fluctuations.
3, pressure is not stable, and one reason is that the hydraulic system, hydraulic system design of homebred dry granulator generally is the oil pump is in a state of continuous work, often can cause high oil temperature, the pressure is not stable, more importantly will cause hydraulic oil substructure damage, work time less than 30 classes will replace the hydraulic oil.  Running after a period of time, can appear the fault, the reason is more, mainly about the design of the pressure oil, depending on the material of material and process requirement, reasonable selection circuit structure, considering the pressure peak and shocks, makes the runtime and peak oil pressure fluctuation in a certain range, basic close to a straight line.  

Post time: Apr-19-2022