Small pelleting mechanism grain fast, good effect, design special hole filter, carefully sieve, the friction filter rod can be broken screen filter solid particles, widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food industry.  This machine can replace swinging granule machine, it is a new generation of granule equipment.  

I. Working principle:  

Powder raw materials will be fed from the top equipment to join, the degassing, spiral compression and transmission to the two roll arc wall, two roll speed, reverse rotation, the material bite into the slot and forced compression, material by compressing area after the pressure gradually decreases, and its natural prolapse, surface tension and gravity into the broken machine and whole grain crushing, nap,  Then enter the vibrating screen for screening, qualified products through the conveyor is sent into the finished product warehouse or direct packaging, powder sieve under the material through the return device is again sent back to the raw material warehouse for secondary roller pressure, the size of extrusion pressure can be adjusted according to the needs of particle strength by the hydraulic system.  

Two, features:  

1, without any additives, dry powder directly granulating.  

2, particle strength can be adjusted.  By adjusting the pressure of the roller, the strength of the finished product is controlled.  

3. Cycle operation to achieve continuous production.  

4. High output of finished products.  No drying process, room temperature granulation, one forming.  

5, complete set of equipment, reasonable layout, high technology.  

6, we provide users with overall design, technical guidance, complete set supply, equipment commissioning, commissioning and commissioning services.  

Three, application:  

Small granulator can be widely used in pharmaceutical, food, feed and other industries.  Applied to pharmaceutical industry, it can provide ideal granular raw materials for tablet pressing, capsule filling and other processes.  In the food industry, we can make condiments, dairy products, spicy ingredients, spices, sour ingredients, food additives, food coloring, etc.  In the feed industry, can produce feed additives, fish feed, animal feed and so on.  

Post time: May-17-2022