As we know, the traditional Chinese medicine granules have the advantages of no loss of effective ingredients, high production efficiency and low energy consumption after being manufactured by dry granulator. But in practical use, there are also various problems. How to solve these daily problems?

1. No raw material into the granulation chamber failure causes: modulator blocked or feed port bridging; Feeder dragon transmission device failure; The feeder is blocked. The elimination method is to remove the conditioner or feed port; Check the feeder auger transmission device and remove the fault; Clean the material on the auger of the feeder.

2. The reason for the failure of raw material entering the granulation chamber but not pressing out particles is that the die hole is blocked; The moisture content of raw material is too high, the gap between the rollers is too large, and the feeding scraper is seriously worn; The wear of the mould is serious. Elimination method: remove the material in the die hole; Control of moisture in raw materials; Readjust the gap of the die rod and replace the scraper.

3. The motor of pelletizer can’t be started. Cause: there is material accumulation in pelletizing room. There is something wrong with the circuit; The travel switch shall not touch the operating lever on the brake disc or door.

Elimination method: remove the accumulated material; Check the circuit and remove the fault; Check the travel switch.

4. Causes of noise and severe vibration: the bearing has been damaged, the ring molding roller has been seriously worn, or there are foreign matters in the feeder; The spindle bearing is too loose. Troubleshooting: replace the bearing, replace the pressure roller; Adjust the gap of pressure roller properly.

The layout of the whole machine is neat, compact and centralized. Clean appearance, easy disassembly and cleaning, realize the clean closed production from powder to particle. Table layout is neat, compact, centralized operation, safe, reliable, fast man-machine interface, and large amount of information. The equipment runs smoothly, and the noise 1.0 meters away from the equipment is below 80 dB. The equipment has risk identification and safety protection device.

Post time: Jul-06-2021