Dry roller granulator has the characteristics of low energy consumption, high energy saving, less investment and simple operation.  Suitable for compound fertilizer, medicine, chemical, feed and other raw materials granulation, high granulation rate.  The equipment has been tested before leaving the factory. After the customer buys the granulator, it needs to be adjusted before use. After using for a period of time, the gap of the roller extrusion granulator needs to be adjusted because of roller wear and poor granulation effect.  

Debugging method of dry roller granulator  

1. Adjustment of roller clearance: in production, it is sometimes necessary to increase output or bite Angle.  At this point, the distance between the two compression shafts and the distance between the drive shaft and the driven shaft can be increased.  

The steps are as follows: stop the machine, remove the upper rack of the two bearing seats, adjust the adjusting plate between the two bearing seats to the required thickness, roller skin should not collide with each other, the minimum value should be 0.3-1 mm.  

2. Ball and socket alignment adjustment: the ball and socket are mainly aligned with the depression of the roll surface, and there are problems of axial alignment and circumferential alignment 

Post time: Apr-11-2022