The technology of dry granulation machine can be completed by roller flat pressure granulator. The new technology of roller control is used in the equipment. Its control equipment can adjust the fluctuation of any physical property between different materials and different batches of the same material, so that the process parameters of dry granulation can be adjusted accurately and repeatedly, so as to better produce high-quality particles. In the field of Chinese medicine, a certain relative density of traditional Chinese medicine extract is dried by spray drying to obtain dry extract powder. After adding certain excipients (or without adding auxiliary materials as ingredients), the equipment is pressed into thin slices and crushed into granules. The method needs less excipients, which is beneficial to improve the stability, disintegration and dissolution of the particles. The application of this new granulation technology can greatly improve the preparation efficiency and product quality of traditional Chinese medicine granules. Therefore, in the development process of granulator, we should pay attention to technological innovation to meet the requirements of clean and flexible industry.

The device can control the size of the granules according to the size of the granulating orifice plate. The granules with different sizes can be used to make granules, tablets or capsules.

Material into the granulator, the whole machine blade relative motion with the orifice, the blade material extrusion on the orifice plate, through a combination of extrusion pressure and shearing force, to sheet or block material rolling into different sizes of particles, particles can be easily through the sieve plate granulator, not broken, larger particles within the pelleting machine continue to be crushed into small particles. Finish the rounded corners of the required number of grids here. This equipment can be used in conjunction with the dry granulator, can also be used to deal with the agglomerated material or the larger crystalline shape of the material, so that these materials into fine particles of material.

Post time: Jul-06-2021