Speaking of dry granulator, I believe we are already very familiar with it.  It is a kind of dry powder into particles of important mechanical equipment, widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, to improve production efficiency.  However, there are also various problems in practical use.  Here are our questions and answers to these questions, as follows:  

Reasons for low one-time yield of dry granulator:
1, this is related to the formula of materials, but according to the current situation of the use of equipment in many pharmaceutical factories, the reason for the roll is the main.  Due to the roll surface quenching process, the surface conditioning process, there will be a pair of roll relative bus parallel out-of-tolerance roll temperature under high pressure, hardness is not enough, the high, lead to many roll after use, after the material is pressed into materials into fine powder particles containing more, low finished product yield at a time.  Users will be screened back to the machine to press into tablets, and then granulating.  Although this method can improve the yield to a certain extent, the dissolution degree and disintegration degree of the particles produced by back pressing are obviously inferior to those produced by one pressing.  

2, another reason is the structural design of the equipment. Many domestic pharmaceutical factories use equipment to produce Chinese medicine particles. Because Chinese medicine particles are easy to absorb moisture and stick, materials on the equipment are easy to accumulate and block the channel.  So these problems, investigate its main reasons, one of the main reasons is the roller processing technology problems and based on the cost of consideration!  This in domestic equipment manufacturing, the problem is more prominent.  

3. Another reason is that the side sealing effect is poor.  Domestic machine side sealing device has the mechanical compaction is also useful hydraulic pressure or other way, but as a result of lateral seal material and the roller profile surface of machining precision and the center axis of the vertical degree of accuracy is not high, lead to run after a period of time, seal wear, causing the side leakage, fine powder under the action of gravity or thrust directly into the granulating warehouse,  Ultimately, the yield is reduced.  

4, of course, the cooling effect is also a reason, if the surface of the pressure wheel can not effectively cool the extrusion heat generated by the extrusion, prevent the material in heat bonding, sticking wheel phenomenon, will also greatly reduce the yield.  

Post time: Mar-28-2022