The traditional Chinese medicine granule that we know is made by dry granulation mechanism, which keeps the advantages of fast absorption and rapid effect of decoction.  The equipment is widely used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries for granulation, especially for materials that are easy to decompose or agglomerate when wet or hot.  After the production of soft materials, the screening equipment is used to make the soft materials into particles, and finally after drying dry blasting treatment, packaging treatment, so as to complete the production of TCM granules.  However, there are also various problems in practical use.  How do you solve these everyday problems?  

1, no raw material into the pelleting chamber fault cause: modulator blocked or feed mouth arch;  Failure of feeder dragon transmission device;  The feeder is clogged with flood.  Elimination method Clear the adjuster or feed port;  Check feeder twisting dragon transmission device, troubleshoot;  Clean the material on the feeder crane.  

2, there is raw material into the pelleting chamber, but the particle can not be pressed out of the fault cause of die hole blockage;  Too much water in the raw material, too much clearance between the die sticks, and serious wear of the feeding scraper;  Mold mixing wear is serious.  Elimination method: remove the feed in the die hole;  Control moisture in raw materials and steam;  Adjust the gap between the die stick and replace the scraper and die mix.  

3. The granulating machine cannot start the reason for the fault: there is accumulated material in the granulating room.  The circuit is faulty;  The travel switch should not touch the brake disc or the lever on the door.  Elimination method: remove accumulated material;  Check circuit and troubleshoot;  Check the travel switch.  

4, noise, severe vibration fault causes: the bearing has been damaged ring pressure kun wear serious;  The clearance between ring die and press mixing is too small;  There are foreign bodies in the conditioner or feeder;  The spindle bearing is too loose.  Elimination method: replace the bearing to replace the die rod;  Appropriately increase the mold mixing gap;  Clean up foreign bodies;  Tighten the nut to reduce clearance.  

Post time: May-05-2022