• Discussion on the solutions to various faults of dry granulator

    As we know, the traditional Chinese medicine granules have the advantages of no loss of effective ingredients, high production efficiency and low energy consumption after being manufactured by dry granulator. But in practical use, there are also various problems. How to solve these daily problems...
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  • Application of dry granulation equipment in the field of traditional Chinese Medicine

    The technology of dry granulation machine can be completed by roller flat pressure granulator. The new technology of roller control is used in the equipment. Its control equipment can adjust the fluctuation of any physical property between different materials and different batches of the same mat...
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  • What kind of development will dry granulator have in the future?

    Dry granulator is a new granulation method developed after the “one-step granulation” of the second generation granulation method. It is an environmental friendly granulation process and a new equipment for directly pressing powder into granules. Dry granulator is widely used in pharm...
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