Dust free feeding station

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Dust-free operation,full-closed bag feeding and pipelinetransportation.

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Dry granulator is widely used in pharmaceutical,biological,food,chemical and other industries. It is especially suitable for granulation of materials that are easy to decompose when exposed to heat,easy to absorb moisture,and sensitive to heat.

It can be used to improve material flow,increase material density and other effects. In the pharmaceutical field,its particles are mostly used in tablet wafers,filled capsules,and granules

In addition,the dry granulator has the characteristics of simple process,compact structure,high degree of antomation,convenient use and maintenance,low noise and good versatility, Based on many advantages, it is widely used in various induestries


1.The pressure roller of the equipment is arranged horizontally with a cantilever structure, the overall structure is simple and easy to disassemble and clean, the pressure roller is equipped with a window to observe the pressing condition,and the window is equipped with a scraper to prevent dust from blocking the window and affecting the line of sight
2.Adopt LCD touch screen and multiple antomatic control technologies to make the product more automatic and effectively prevent dust and cross-contamination
3.The whole machine is of high-quality stainless steel structure,and the part that touches the material is made of 316,fully comply with GMP requirements
4.The vertical feeding body is equipped with a vacuum degassing device to release and discharge the air in the material,so that the material is further compacted,the nip of the press roller is more uniform,and the vacuum size is adjustable
5.The pressure roller can control the temperature of the pressure roller surface through the cooling water to prevent the material from deteriorating and sticking due to heat during the extrusion process.

GYC80 200-1 200-2

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