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Shijiazhuang Keyuan Machinery & Equipment Co.,Ltd

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Founded on 16 April 2001

Shijiazhuang Keyuan Machinery & Equipment Co.,Ltd.formerly known as Shijazhuang Keyuan Machinery & Equipment Research Institute,is a professional manufacturer of machinery products approved by Hebei Science and Technology Commission,integrating scientific research,development,design,manufacturing and sale. Registered and operated according to the law,it enjoys independent management rights and intellectual property rights.

Our Advantages



Since its establishment,our company has cooperated with Hebei University of Science and Technology and completed a total of 26 research and development projects in five programs,and has been granted a number of patents.



It is in aleading position in China and has a very high pertormance-price ratio compared with similar foreign products.



The dry granulator is the only leading product of our company. According to the characteristics of the pharmaceutical industry. it is developed after digesting and absorbing similar foreign products and considering China's national conditions.



With a team specialized in dry granulation for more than ten years,our company is a high-tech enterprise.

Development History

  • 1

    Shjiazhuang Keyuan Machinery and Equipment Research Insttute was incorporated.

  • 2

    The first cantilever structure horizontal dry granulator was successfuly developed.

  • 3

    Shijazhuang Group Hebei Zhongrun Pharmaceutical Co,Ltd.signed a contract with our company,and our first production-type cantilever structure horizontal dry granulator entered the market.

  • 4

    Maintenance of imported dry granulator for Huabei Pharmaceutical Group Bida Co.,Ltd.,began to absortb and digest the resuits ot similar equipment abroad improve the function of the equipment in combination with the situation of domestic materiais.

  • 5

    It was recognized by Hebei Zhongrun Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.of Shjiazhuang Group and signed two sets of equipment oraenngt with our company.The second and third sets of production-type cantilever structure horizontal dry granulators entered the mark With the coninuous promotion in the pharmaceutcal,food and chemical industies.more companies pay attention and order.

  • 6

    The first experimental dry granulator was exported to Spain.

  • 7

    India's Alebindu Company and our company signed a contract tor the purchase of the first set of cantilever horizontal diy granu.

  • 8

    Since 2007,our company has contnuously supplied more than ten sets of producton-type dry granulators tor the company.

  • 9

    jiangyin Tianjiang Pharmaceutical Co,Ltd.(a pilot unit for the retorm of traditional Chinese medicine decoction approved by the Stete Aaminstration ot Traditonal Chinese Medicinel,the tirst Chinese medicine to pass the natonal GMP certication the formule granule manuracturer has signed a contract with our company.

  • 10

    The first set of production type cantilever horizontal dry granulator is used for the producton of traditional Chinese medicne tormula granules,Since 2003,our company has continuously supoied more than ten sets of production-type dry granulators for Tianjiang Pharmaceutical.

  • 11

    Our production type cantilever horizontal dry granulator has successively entered the leading enterprises of traditional Chinese medicine such as Dong'e Ejiao and Kangrentang.

  • 12

    Keyuan Company successfully passed the "ISO9001 Quality Management System"certification.

  • 13

    Shijiazhuang Keyuan Machinery Equipment Research Institute was renamed Shijiazhuang Keyuan Machinery Equipment Co..Ltd.and its factory moved to Bishui Street,Ludao Economic Development Zone,Tongye Town,Luquan District,Shijazhuang City.

  • 14

    After years of experience accumulation,the absorption of similar imported products and repeated material experiments,the equipment has been upgraded three times in a few years.Now it has served including Shijazhuang Group.North China Pharmaceutical Group.Sinochem.DSM.Federal Pharmaceuticals,Shandong Lukang,Shanxi Wichida,Qilu Pharmaceutical,and Branch hundreds of pharmaceutical companies including leading pharmaceutical companies such as Lun Pharmaceutical,Livzon Group.Tasly.Yili Group.Hainan Haivao and Wu Taigankang